Aaron BlumenshinePhotography + Visual Media SkillsCustom Photography + Visual Media + Visual Effects

We are a team of skilled professional designers specializing in responsive website design, graphical user interface, web and mobile architecture, and user experience. We are an elite design firm working with partners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We choose design projects driven by teams that value the power and balance of aesthetic.

Aaron BlumenshinePrinciple & Creative Director

Aaron was a fine art major at UCSB, and became very interested in UI/UX imagery when taking classes at RISD and London University. He is a skilled visual UI and UX designer based in Silicon Valley. He specializes in visual media, production, and photography. Aaron is native to Silicon Valley and has worked with Zynga, Merrill Lynch, NASA, ZocDoc, Stanford University and many others on exciting projects. His well-rounded skill set in the visual language makes him a key component to Zumeo Design.