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We are a team of skilled professional designers specializing in responsive website design, graphical user interface, web and mobile architecture, and user experience. We are an elite design firm working with partners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We choose design projects driven by teams that value the power and balance of aesthetic.

Startup Grind 2014

The Zumeo Design team created a design for an exhibit at the Startup Grind. For this project, we were challenged with positioning ZD as a trusted brand and effectively showing our skill set. The visual designs were created as a marketing mockup to illustrate a basic responsive reflow of content. We resisted the temptation to litter our 8 foot tall banner stands with information about our company, logo, etc. and instead chose to simply promote our value to the attendees with a single title. This simplistic yet unified approach made our work clean and easy for newcomers to understand. The design showcased our skill set using powerful graphics and few words. Another goal was to showcase the power of good visual media with the use of Aaron Blumenshine’s photography. We can dramatically enhance solid user interface design when we incorporate clean, fresh and powerful photography.

"Jared and the team at Zumeo Design are best-in-class designers that take every project as serious as the next. We highly recommend Jared and his team to our community because we know they operate at a world class level on all fronts.They are meticulous about usability and overall brand objectives. They focused on creating the best possible design for our brand, and we have seen them do the same for other companies within the Startup Grind community. Can't recommend them more highly."


Founder/CEO of Startup Grind-Global

"The goal of this design was to showcase the core value of ZD with the least amount of words. We wanted to capture the attention of the Startup Grind attendees and have them understand right away how we could help them. It worked brilliantly."


Founder/CEO of Zumeo Inc