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We are a team of skilled professional designers specializing in responsive website design, graphical user interface, web and mobile architecture, and user experience. We are an elite design firm working with partners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We choose design projects driven by teams that value the power and balance of aesthetic.


ModMods is an editorially led street style fashion platform designed for user participation. The global footprint it has via the Metro Network provides unique access to international content. The additional ambition of the new platform is to link the editorial and user generated experience to commerce. The platform is a global proposition and will be built to support multiple countries and languages. There will be a global hub managed by a central team in London. The hub will feed content to the country-specific sites which will live alongside locally produced content. ModMods was seeking to design and develop a website that engages potential ModMods enthusiasts and future customers. The goal of this project was to design and develop five specific clean and functional ModMods branded web pages. This website must meet the needs of the ModMods team and offer their users a seamless interactive experience, portraying the brand as vibrant and fresh. Ideally, this would position ModMods as the leader in the social fashion commerce space.